Guide to Social Media – Part 3

Part 3 – What to post and all that other stuff.

What to Post

This should also follow through to the way that you are posting content and
what you’re posting about. Too many companies will simply post generic
promotional material about their business and say things like ‘Find out why
we’re the number one accounting firm!’.

MUCH more interesting than that is to demonstrate through your social
media just how you provide value and in this way, make your social
media a product or service in its own, right. You need to provide
value by either entertaining your audience, inspiring them or informing them
– to the point that they should feel excited when they see a new post from
you on their home feed!

Doing this will help you to stand out and give people a reason to follow you.
And if you keep your mission statement in mind at all times, then those
people will be the very same people who are likely to follow your brand and
buy from you.

Another way you can do this is to promote the lifestyle and value
proposition that you are offering. For example, if you have a fitness brand,
then you need to show what your product can do for people by
demonstrating the lifestyle that you’re aiming to support. This might involve
images of people working out on the beach, or throwing weights around
with inspiring sayings. This is a great way to get that emotional hook that
will make people respond emotionally to your brand.

And Then All That Other Stuff

So now you have an amazing strong, motivating and inspiring brand that
people want to get involved with. What’s left is all that other stuff – the
promotional work. When you combine the two, you end up creating
something of a honey trap. Your promotion brings them in and your
inspiring brand keeps them there.

If you’re trying to grow your social media account, then the best thing you
can do is to deliver amazing content every single day with consistency.
Make sure you are providing value and always ask yourself: would you
read that?

But while that will work and help you to bring in more visitors over time,
there are also some strategies you can use to give yourself an instant
boost. Utilizing these strategies in conjunction with a consistent service is
the very best way to grow your channels quickly and while bringing in
people who want to be there!

Here are some examples…

Advertising can work very well for a social media account and perhaps the
best example is Facebook’s advertising network. These ads allow you to
target who sees them based on all the information that they have given to
Facebook – such as their age, sex, location and even hobbies and career.
You can this way attract only people who are genuinely interested in your
brand and if you use CPA ads (Cost Per Action) then you’ll only pay when
someone actually likes your page.

So if you can work out what your lifetime customer value is, then this is a
great way to almost guarantee a profit from the money you’re spending on

Promoting From Your Blog
Your social media channel shouldn’t just be promoting your blog – your
blog should be promoting your social media too. Never miss an opportunity
to recommend your social media in videos or written posts and make sure
people can share easily. You can even include a feed of your content as a
widget on your main site.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing means that you’re trying to get some exposure
from another prominent member of your community. This can mean
working with someone at the same level as you, or just above, or if can
mean aiming for someone with a massive reach and paying them a small
amount to give you a shout out. The latter strategy can help you to gain
exposure to thousands instantly – just don’t aim too high to begin with.
Instead, work your way up to the top!

Post on Social Sharing Sites
Share your social media on social sharing sites like Reddit but only once
you’ve established yourself in the community. This way, you can make
online friends who are likely to become some of your very biggest fans!

So, a great social media strategy starts with a powerful brand. That brand
should be powerful enough that it can then be expressed through your
logo, through what you post and through how you address your
subscribers. And when you do all of that successfully, you’ll be able to
attract followers and true fans. Add some basic social media promotion to
that and you have a match made in heaven.

Rosalina Soto
CEO Magic Manners